"Simmons Incorporated" lyrics - RUN-D.M.C.

"Simmons Incorporated"

Yo, my nigga Jamel Simmons, what's the deal nigga?
Go D, Big Dash, what's going down, what's going down?
What's goin' on? What's goin' on? What's the deal pard?
Where you headed, son?
Yo, I'm about to go to the studio and lay a smash hit with my uncle Run, boy
Ain't he a reverend now, collecting plates at churches and chit like that?
Kid, he's spitting flames right now baby, he's at the top of his game right now
I'm a tell you, I'm a show you watch.
Y'know what I mean? He's a born-again hooligan. Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

I'm Rev Run, Reverend Run, brother, son, earthquakin'
Industry shakin', you kiddin' me? We money makin'
Your money's fake son, I'll call you clay 'cause you gets playdoh
Jamel and Joey Simmons holdin' millions on the lay-low
Platinum haloes hover over heads high from hydro
Hit the dime-o with the combo, it charges up my rhyme flow
She ain't know we own conglomorates like Phat Farm Fashion
Simmons name's synonymous with this cash, it's our passion


Yo basically, I'm here to rename rap
It ain't rap no more, call it Simmons incorporated, since '74
Lot of money in this fam', think about it
Me, with Run-DMC, and him over at Def Jam
Well damn, how the hell you think we livin'?
How you think it feel to be a Simmons?
Imagine Christmas and Thanksgiving
People want to know why I ain't on my brother's label
If I did, this whole rap game'd be unstable
Went over to Arista with Mr. Davis for the change in neighbours
It's only fair that we share those major papers
You could tell a cat's serious about rap, and it ain't luck
If 20 years after his first single, his name stuck
From '74 to '99 holding office as kings with a million MC's waiting in line
Keep a bail on this album, let my man Jamel rhyme

Now speed it up, uh

[Jay scratching a Run sample (Run on)]

Now I walked on ice, and never fell
I spent my time in a plush hotel
Judge a phenomena, deadly but calm world in my palm
Dead by dawn got the right to bear arms, bring me along
Another sound boy dying, hot iron
Stuff flyin, out the hardware appliance
Baby, Momma Crying'
Sobbin' and grievin', you was at odds,
With them kids, till they made it even
Let down your guard, yes you did
Now you barely breathin'
To unaware, open season on a duck
We don't give a what
Yo, best, best to give it up
Joe and D, lets run these MCs, they phoney
Some Humphrey, they mad Bogey
Saddle up your horse, there's the sunset mosey
Jam-Master Jay deserves a trophy for this track right,
Futuristic G past tight
If that's your girlfriend, she wasn't last night, punk
Little boy style is mad chump, ain't no wimps here
Sport is extreme, know what I mean
Gettin royalties, Down with the King...!

Crack's in the cradle, coke's in the spoon
Little boy flew higher than the moon
Willie wanted weapons, Wilma wanted a wool
I come to school and lay down the rule
Johnny wants to guzzle great gallons of drop
Shorty with the 40 was caught in the dark
Corner, black is a goner, didn't really want to go
Now mamma is a mourner

I spit dynamite, ignite, turn off lights, recite,
Spit poetry tight, get my squad physically hyped
Get a hundred blast for funk-master crushin' your life
Time to go now, show these fake rappers the way you go down,
Down with the kings like Smokey down with Motown
Who want to come and see, come and test me
Take about a million MCs to whet me
For Run-DMC, I let shells fly, fleein' the five with the red-eye
Niggas talking too much? Tape 'em up, leave 'em hog-tied

You're thinking about it way too hard.
'How'd he get down with the Gods?'
Kenny Cash and the Bronx cats, ready to ride with gats
Keep chicks, huggin' the sacks, you're scratching the back
I'm a shark in a shed, y'all cats is feeding fish
Now hate? and we feed 'em clips, nigga that'll leave you RIP'd (ripped)
And I'm leavin' them dry chicks crushed with bleedin' lips
Better need these chips and a CLK
After I hang plaques in the spot with Run, D and J

[Jay scratching a Run sample (Run on)]