"Childhood's End" lyrics - SAMMY HAGAR

"Childhood's End"

Swallow your ego, spit out your pride
Your prejudiced heart stopped beating inside today, hey
Summons your preacher and all of his saints
Summons the devil to take your complaints away
Buried the facts, dig up the graves
The lies, the unconscious
Enslaves your minds, minds

One comes in color, the other without
One comes with truth, the other with doubt, hey
Hey, hey
My woman, my partner, my lover, my soul
You seem to know better, take control away
And don't bother fighting or trying to resist
The blade of a knife is pressed on your wrist today
Hey, hey

Ah, ah, hey, hey
Ah, ah
Ah, ah, hey, hey
Hey, hey

Line up your pleasures all in a row
Empty your buckets, fill up the holes
Hey, hey
'Cause we're all grown up now, it's childhood's end
It's the beginning of the end
Hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey

It's not where you're going, it's not where you've been
With or without, nor within
It's not what you thought or what you've been told
It's about growing up, not growing old
It's not what you think, it's more what you feel
Don't question your heart, this is real
It's about where you're going, not where you've been
My friend, it's childhood's end, oh
Childhood's end, uh-huh
Childhood's end, oh yeah
Childhood's end
It's what you've been told