"Funky Feng Shui" lyrics - SAMMY HAGAR

"Funky Feng Shui"

Rockin' a tall beehive
Piled high on her head
She on the dance floor live
And just a-knockin' 'em dead

Oh, that's a funky funky feng, hey
Doing her funky feng
Hey, hey, hey, yeah
Doing her funky funky feng

She got a red dress on
While gettin' down on the beach
Drink in her hand she working on
Got them alligator sneaks

That's a funky funky feng, hey
Yeah, her funky feng
She got a funky funky feng
Hey, hey, oh

Yeah, yeah
Hey, ooh

Walkin' her dog on a leash
And doggie bag in her hand
She pickin' up shit, uh
So, honey, don't step in it

Ain't that some funky funky feng? Yeah
Oh, it's a funky feng
That's such a funky funky feng, hey, hey
It's a funky feng, ow