"Kisses" lyrics - SERGIO MENDES


Kisses waking us up deep in the night
Like dreaming
Kisses taking us softly in flight
Like drifting
Shadows hiding us under a shawl
Like falling
Kisses wandering over us all
Like loving

Kisses finding their way from the start
Like magic
Learning all of our secrets by heart
Like music
Holding on till the world disappears
Like lasting
Kisses sweet with the taste of our tears
Like loving

All there is to know
All there is to say
All there is
Is our feeling forever
This way

In your arms I could spend all my time
Like living
Losing sense of all reason or rhyme
Like floating
After all, all that matters is we're together
Kisses making us warm with delight
Kisses taking us softly in flight
Kisses waking us deep in the night with love