"No Place To Hide" lyrics - SERGIO MENDES

"No Place To Hide"

Oh my love since I've found you
My world is around you
But I see pain in your eyes
Fate has brought you
To my heart, a true love
Before there was no love
Before you no one

There's a strangeness around us
The shadow of her love
Keeps coming between us
My words seem to touch you
But not like they used to
Are you saying good-bye?

Oh my love, was it all just a dream
How can good turn to bad
Turn from Happy to sad
If you leave me tomorrow morning
I'll have all our memories
Inside, always inside

Oh your love was a promise
That turned to a lie
In the nighttime of sadness
So go to her shadow
And leave me the memory
So deep inside
Way down deep inside
With no place to hide