"She's Wonderful Too" lyrics - SETH MACFARLANE

"She's Wonderful Too"
(Jonathan Hales / Seth MacFarlane / Joel McNeely)

I've a girl on my arm with an elegant charm
A London lass of beauty nonpareils
My gal in Paris is divine as can be
I love her so as anyone could clearly tell

Though many could abide this merry lover's ride
There can't be any joy for me
Until I make my heart decide for

She's wonderful, too, what am I gonna do?
My mind's in a whirl, over each lovely girl
'Cause she's wonderful, too

She's marvelous too, how can a man be true?
And wary is the chance for a lasting romance
When she's wonderful too

One true love is a work of art painted by cupid's bow
Two true loves and you'll feel your heart
Wishing in a way that you had no one

She's wonderful too, I haven't got a clue
Just how, when or who I should say "I love you" to
Both so sublime, just one lifetime
I think I know and then I seem to say again
She's simply wonderful too