"I'll Lie Myself To Sleep" lyrics - SHELBY LYNNE

"I'll Lie Myself To Sleep"
(Tony Haselden - Tim Mensy)

I tell myself his mem'ry doesn't hold me
There's a picture of the man I say I'm over
By my bed face down by my bed
I'm so glad that broken heart's behind me
And I no longer let his love confine me
Now I'm free this prisoner's finally free

But I don't need flowers sweet talk to fill wee hours of the night
Now I'm alright
I lay down each night turn out the light
And tell myself that I'm not lonely
With tears rollin' down my face I'll lie myself to sleep

The girls down at the office think I'm so strong
And if my heart is breakin' I'm not lettin' on
What's inside oh I keep it all inside
A delivery boy brings in a dozen roses
And as I watch as the lucky girl unfold them
Then walk away in tears I walk away

But I don't need flowers...
I'll lie myself to sleep ooh I'll lie myself to sleep