"What About The Love We Made" lyrics - SHELBY LYNNE

"What About The Love We Made"
(John Rotch)

That old picture on the dresser goes with your things
The rocking chair in the corner goes with mine
You can take the bed and have the TV
And I'll keep the stereo if you don't mind
We've separated everything between us
It's the kindest that we've been in a long long time
But there's still one thing we've got left between us
And we don't know what to do I wonder if we thought this through

What about the love we made
She's upstairs in her room cryin' over me and you
Lord we never meant to hurt her this way
We've divided everything me and you
Even her little heart right in two
Now what about the love we made

We've told her at least a thousand times we love her
And no matter what happens that won't change
But who could blame her if she won't believe us
Aren't we the same ones who told her she'd never see this day
It filled us both with shame when she told her dolly
Now promise me that you won't leave me too
And it was more than I could take when she said mommy
If there's something I've done wrong well I'll be good for you

Oh what about the love we made...