"Don't Think It's Funny" lyrics - SISTER HAZEL

"Don't Think It's Funny"
(Jett Beres / Ken Block / Andrew Copeland / Sister Hazel / Ryan Newell / Mark Trojanowski)

I'm far away from here if you look inside
You have a vacant stare Say what you tryin' to hide

Gonna take my time 'Cause yer wastin' mine
And yer not too kind And I don't think it's funny... no.

I sit and watch the sky It sometimes talks to me (talk to me)
You say you'd rather die You say what's on the TV TV

[Chorus 2x]

(This is where we sing a bunch of "Ahhs")
I see a child cry Then calm a storm of tears
You say it's all a lie You say what's he got to fear
(He's just a little kid...!)