"Sometimes" lyrics - SISTER HAZEL

(Jett Beres / Ken Block / Andrew Copeland / Ryan Newell / Mark Trojanowski)

By simple definition I'd be scattered, Oh where do I begin
Well I'm stuck within the mortal framework
Of having to use words
And I... - I've never been one -
I've never been one for incompleteness

My attempts to say - never find their way nah uh
(All these things they escape me)
Inconsistency is inconsistency within this conversation - yeah!

Sometimes: You know there's no limits and...
Sometimes: I'm a mother, I'm a brother, I'm a lover and another...
Sometimes: I'm scared - but sometimes I'm a hero...
Sometimes: But mostly I'm just me!

In some regards I'd use the term eclectic
The merging of experience
And different points of view - oh yeah
Well I think, I learn, I listen and
I sift my way right through
And I... - I'm always the one
I'm always the one with fascination - yeah...

Bridge - chorus - repeat - chorus