"Alive To Kill You" lyrics - SIX FEET UNDER

"Alive To Kill You"

My love for you it can't be matched
My intense hatred gives me strength
The end I cannot fathom
In the night my soul is reborn
Killing you in a frenzied rage
I stab your face
The blood runs now, a slow death
The beckons me
To attack you viciously

My lust, it grows, I hunt you dead
This evil cannot be wished away
Hidden in the subconscious
The real me is now alive
Alive to kill you
The torture will never end
The molestation of the flesh
I will cut you to the bone
It never ends, you are alone
My lust for dead bodies now grows
A slaughtered child, this tortured soul
Will never rest
This cruel mind, will never stop
Until you've died
Died, you've died - you have died
Alive to kill you
Alive to kill you
I live to kill you