"Illusions" lyrics - SIX FEET UNDER


Blood drenched
The spawn of the devil
Behold the darkness
Entombed by illusion
The crown of thorns on fire

Take the heart of the enemy
I scream with hatred in my eyes
To attack your hypocrisy
Hypocrisy - its a disease
To capture your dreams and deceive
A body left to bleed hanging from wire
Gutted and cleaned of all internal organs
The waste from the corpse
Will infect your brain
And dissolve the sickness within
Your own decayed soul
A victim left to die hanging from rope neck
Broken and green
Still swaying
From its moment of death
This body will rot forever
Overlord of illusion I capture your dreams
And deceive
Killing the child at conception an innocent
Marked by the devil for slaughter
No end to the illusions
From your moment of death
Forever in hell
No end to the illusions...