"Dead Of Winter" lyrics - SKINNY PUPPY

"Dead Of Winter"

"Watch closely"
"Closer (closer, closer,...)"

It's Christ
It's Christmas eve
October bleak and desolate

There's frost murder in my [?] room
And still the pennies earned
The blood stained windows of night

It's always Christmas here for my dead of winter
I gaze into the nursery
I speak where is the vision
Decost and pray to priests in the dead of winter

The heart is felt a birds out of place
A paradise to call perfection
Theatre, intrigue all fair in the dead of winter

A place to hold you in disguised to live a shack
A memory that's what comedians are for
Reflection, reflection in my heart

The river of [?] swallow them?
To melt them enters love
Dead head don't worry
Become submerged repression serve the church
Dead of... winter

Here sauce is cold cold again again again I

They think the hot spot 'sent here and then
They don't know what its like to live f**k
I'm not against [?] priest [?] hollow [?] dead don't [?]dead love[?]