"K-9" lyrics - SKINNY PUPPY

(cEvin Key / Nivek Ogre)

"I've got no fucking monitor"
"I've got no fucking monitor"
All your fucking monitors
Seeing through the keyhole
Watching master beating her
Creep video hits her
Faced with death
Ratting you
Great to be a k-9 closer to unasured
Watch your rich perversions
Wouldn't you think I have no thought
Wouldn't you think I have no thought
It's a strange decision when the foe bears the control
When with pain I sit in dung crying through a purr-snore
When I've got the hunger rest in peace so he'll be there
With the last attatchment food withdrawal I cannot bear
Simple calculation now the steps are false rich
Shot claw
Vision recked
Voices in background
It's not fit to piss in
Why not move so I won't stay
Kick me out in out
Toss my effects [?]
Worry [?]
Open your eyes thanks for a kick
Feign emotion don't turn around