"Plasicage" lyrics - SKINNY PUPPY


War is this cloud
Such a plastic fantasy
Can't escape
Not allowed
Not a peep from down below
It's seems the corner room is taken
You can curl up underneath
Freedom earned here
Not mistaken
In a way it plays for keeps
So what is your intention
And why do I have the creeps?

Come live the dream
Sorry sight on the horizon
Keep it short keep explaining
This eversion coming on
What reaps the face
Of a child in such distaste
And puts it all for all to see
Slithering to get away

All is not lost
What isn't and will remain
Shake the pistol put it down
In a tyranny's parade
Fall shifted lost
From a state of ill decay
Feet are rotten put it off
For forever and a day
Strewn in our way
Never mind what's right and clear
Wind it up just spit it out
Bind it up to share the fear
Throwing away
Left alone
Jagged rock bottom
Get a grip
Throw the chip

Twist the reason