"Tsudanama" lyrics - SKINNY PUPPY


Cursed involves fading inquest incorporating
Your life and dreams that certain aspect scene
These feelings still the same certain of this stupid game
Causing no one pain the very same story again
Helter scare they don't care even if they pray
The fattest cat the pussy slaps awaken take away
Hey face actor what's that shit you say
Telling is this sentiment
Fuck you go away

HEY destruction watch me go away
Flavor destruction desperate insane
HEY destruction watch me go away
HEY destruction no one here today

Harm no thing unless attacked then don't look back tearing it limb from limb
Gently bend them bones again
Respond rip out the broken parts
The speaker is now broken
Thirst improves fading oblivion incorporating
Everything that bleeds is what this thing needs to believe
This broken part of me is too dark a park to be
Much darker than he dreamed left within a scream
Funny eyes watch them die laugh at when they fade
These simple things will bring me in
To relish the last breath you breathe

The cake is left out on the floor to trap the rats that took the bait and ate the cake
In sensing the bottom and the end one only looks for a way back to the first place. what a place what a race what a confusion a nation with a fear of a fear of a fear. what's left of a bowl, broken, on the floor, alter dogs have grown angry and stoned watching the hours, burning towers could it have been
Flip the bait turn the cake, tempt the fATE and be