"Spahn Dirge (Live)" lyrics - SKINNY PUPPY

"Spahn Dirge (Live)"

??? hate you dream sees someone going that voice
I see I walks... releases someone...the darkened hate...
(Who find/if) (i/he) were to come back and see he'll find a world???
All (i/they) want is intelligence
Hes gonna die? all (i/they) want is to learn
...exist oh... she's such a sweet thing no time to wonder
...over to...no...(black/that) corner...in (time?judge?angel?)
What's your name what's your name what's your name what's your game, boy?
No ones a judge...so many dreams, dreams...
Locked out in the (?hole/house?) envision black room (stringing'screaming'singing?)
All is this inspiration calling back to my bedroom eyes we'll see again
...no one to no they no they wont...
All that way all that way all that way
Fame fortune fame fortune fame fortune
No more fail safe ways, my friend no more time to (play/blend) alone
Creeping the crawl down trod (speak'speed?) this place...hurts?
Back to my...??? this new mansion oh, watch this way!
...hates...dreams speaks...came back...back?...
The fortune and the fame better watch out fade away
No time for the fame
Missed the boat
Better wash it away wash it away
Back to chicago go to chicago 'cause the levee breaks
...dear god im going insane dear god...?
'Cause the levee breaks oh she's in the bed?
...oh shitty?city? go to chicago
Baby...stealing the word
1993 that's when we'll all be free it will overcome me back in 1993
Go to chicago the levee breaks you had your fun in the sun in 1971
But now it's time to be free in nineteen hundred and ninety three
Money bomb outside of nothing who is your releaser
Since 1969 was fine but 1999 will find us and make us climb to higher vines time
Go to chicago go to chicago go 'cause the levee breaks and so does your head
Well in?plane?
Has anybody seen the confounded bitch.. a -itch? the sex is great
Oh my god I hope im not late
Ain't that great eases away
Time and time and time again
Turning and turning and turning and burning
Luc Van Acker Luc Van Acker
Going to chicago going, going, coming
'Cause the levee breaks so does your head
Watching in the bands of daylight going there
The whips/lips?
Hey ogre, do you think its time to go to bed?
... or has this song rushed through your fucking head?
... levee breaks so does your head
Hey, where is that burning in your bed
You know what they say, it's time to melt
Next time melt the fuse
I don't know what it is somebody said that this morning I know what they said
Where is my murderer?/mother gun?
The jokes on you HAHAHAHAHAH the joke HAHAHAHAHAH
Come here only one night look what happens we come and leave?
We come and... and the signs of disease? HAHAHAHAHAH...drugs?

[Dialogue in the background:]
00:00 ("you inspired??? snaps??? that's about??? tool??? cut him off???")
05:29 ("??? um, no, cut that. Wanna talk about the return of electronic???")
06:58 ("you recording?" no im not.???")
08:41 ("??? category??? oh my god are we going??? the tour was great but we were
Fucked. Right at the end of the tour is when they are. Your team was on that day???
Committee??? a fucking- a ball of fucking little- little you know of Sonics" "Yeah"
"The sonic??? people??? matter to me. You look at, like, number 4 and 5 on the front
??? too long")
09:44 ("I don't want that kid buying it. Who are the??? people buying it? Who is the
Person who's buying this? Who is this dude? I want people???" "Why don't you sit down?
Why can't we get out of it?" "Just get fucked up instead of going around thinking about
??? fucking??? what kind of kid??? paranoia??? you fucking antagonize" "??? scared of
People that's why you want me to sit down with you. You want??? people???")
11:18 ("??? he got a depth charge" "???" "I'm not a stoner" "???" "I'm not a stoner"???
"No way, man")
12:50 ("how many pidgeons can you fuck up the ass and scare while the country's sharked
Down a fucking wind tunnel" "turn it on" "bunch of??? they'll let anyone got out on the
Fucking street???" "??? song??? the recording industry???")
14:09 ("Kasti Zana?" "Kasti Zununda!" "Kasti Zana?" "Ananda" "Kathy Sanda?" "Can't
Pronounce" "Kathy Sananda" "What does that mean?" "that's like- that's like all- that's
Really what all the Hindus tried to bomb??? sort of. You guys???. What they call
Existence, consciousness, bliss. That's right. You're find- You're a sentient- You have
Existence. That's like??? if you have no control over it you find yourself like anybody
Being on the planet". "I'm born alive." "??? a condition of being on the planet is
Consciousness. A condition of being??? that it also??? but the natural following, the
Natural outcome of??? being and having consciousness??? is bliss. That's the natural
???." "Yeah but until??? mind have wisdom??? not being worth it. There are a lot of
Different things-" "But- But I mean there are so many different things that go on, there
Are so many confrontations about division that it- it's sure to do a lot of goodness???
That's what it's all about. Like there is universal math" "??? but we don't follow up"
"But obvious- but obviously the imagery of a skyscraper??? Most people hate that??? I
Gotta sit down and think about it ask later" "Ask later" "water??? bottled rum"
"Punch?" "hey man can I pull your stool?" "Can I push in your stool?" "Push in your stool")