"Two Time Grime" lyrics - SKINNY PUPPY

"Two Time Grime"

The feeling is mutual
Panic is a picnic at much holiday
Ride the wave
16 hours became 24
You sing farewell to love
Age on the screen
Consuming himself
Winter dead winter
Where is the spirit now
??? of his work
Protecting his soul search
One arm some have gone
Off his head
Off his head
Off his head
He's off his head
Prick me
Stick me
Talk about my bitch
Force the deranged
In process
In the shape of things to come
When you are delayed upon
It will still exist
Process exist
Calls upon the ears
Tempting all the fears
("??? see what my people can do??)
All of those things that reach between
Overturn it
Please don't burn it out now
Out and out and out again
Come clean
Your speed dials
Your speed balls
Melting heroin
No melting, no melting
Key off the head
Key off the top
("yeah you understand, that's good??)
Take me back no more
Over towards a mountain
Take the shot
??? there always will be time to see
In your child eyes
It's a child's eyes
This time talk
It's nice to know you
Out and over the top
This collect your fate
??? and wait for all tumors
And for rot upon
Close the doors
??? in a great it can find it's way around
We can fuck
Find it's way around
Sub-plots, sub-plots, sub-plots, sub-plots
Gangrene gangrene
You are allowed to smoke
??? his revenge
Smokey, smoker, smokey, smokeless, sorry