"I Don't Know (Satisfaction)" lyrics - SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE

"I Don't Know (Satisfaction)"

People to see, even me Man with a little got more of a plea
He's cryin'-I don't know

Time at last, laws to pass Can't be a few got to be a mass
A-tryin'-got to go

Bigger crowd, feelin' proud And all of a sudden I'm singin' loud
Applyin'-what I know

Feel the game, not a pain Ain't nobody in a strain
Defyin'-'cause they know

Now I know what to do No more sellin' me to you
Buyin'-that's a no no no

Mother wit is what you git Tryin' to have the most of it
Am I livin'-I don't know

Ask yourself how you feel Are you really feelin' real
What you say-I don't know

I see abuse, what's the use Time must let my people loose
We tryin'-I don't know

Much to learn, a place to turn When there's nothin' else to burn
Replyin'-think I know

Nothin' in the way, but another day And we're gonna push it on out the way
'Cause we're goin'-what we know