"In Time"

There's a mickie in the tasting of disaster
In time... in time you get faster
Harry Hippie is a waste as if he hasta
Something moving in the brain of a doer
In time... in time feel a little newer
I switched from coke to pep and I'm a connoisseur
'Bout time
'Cause there's a method in the madness of the thinking
In time... oh we oughta
It seems the best of all the sadness is is a sinkin'
In time... in time muddy water
And there's a wreck yard in the mind of a quitter
In time... in time gonna git bitter
He don't give a heck or is he blind and makin' litter
In time
'Bout time gonna need a babysitter
I felt so good I told the leader how to follow
In time... in time git down
So glad I could not feel indeed so very hollow
No need to follow
Insecurities attracting every flirter
In time... in time it's murder
If you don't mind please why give slack to a deserter
In time

Well well oh well day light is all I see
Stay light and wait for me
See you tomorrow noon miss me
I'll see you soon

I told you it's not the teachin' it's the learning
In time... in time don't need no burning
When I mold you to start reaching in the mernin
In time
Well well there's a feeling oh so real in every human
On time... 'bout time
There's a reeling when you don't know what you're doing
In time 'bout time

Haay stay around get a show in time
Don't you know
Two years too long to wait
Two words will get it straight
In time
See an answer in time and that ain't nothing I'm a dancer
Two years too long to wait
Two words will get it straight