"Gotta List" lyrics - SMINO

"Gotta List"

She already decided
Man, all I heard people talkin' 'bout is what they got
"I got this, I got how much"
Man, but I got somewhere to be
I got shit too, matter of fact, I wrote it down

I got a list, it got a guest man (I gotta)
Guess I'm writin' sick then (I gotta)
Guess, I'm tryna take your bitch
Don't wanna talk, she gotta get down (I gotta)
Give the gift of gab, yeah (I gotta)
Bag I keep my bags in (I gotta)
Bag you cannot stand in (I gotta)
Bitch to keep my back scratched (I gotta)
Tell you funny style niggas I gotta need to get the last laugh
Hahahahaha, we don't like jabroni (Oh-Oh)
Cheese off my inventions, Elon Musk control it
Or Smilon Musk when I drop my stuff
On the P-line, plus I own my shit
Beat on my chest, King Kong my shit
Hop out the truck, mm
AMG, uh, take off in this bitch
That pussy a creek, feel like Dawson and shit
Her lips fat, I like how they glisten and glossin' and shit
She did that
I'm from that, dirty, no laundry, bitch
Your ho's on my nutsack
Twenty four hour service got 'em nervous
I'm servin', bitch, I'm servin', bitch, I'm servin'
Y'all niggas in jerseys out in Durban
I got the juice, I'm Julius, I'm Erving
I'm tied up with some pussy out in Persia
Tied up with some pussy out in Persia