"Jamie Boxx (Freestyle)" lyrics - SMINO

"Jamie Boxx (Freestyle)"

Bish off the white, that's Phoebe
Put her on the wall like a TV, she back that ass up, mm, beep beep
I'm off the Julio, Don Cheadie
Baby on discs, no CD, gotta see it to believe this
Say my name in vain, nigga, believe
White folks love it when I si-ding, keep a bitch in line like Beijing
Moshin' in the pussy, I'm ragin'
Punk rock bitch get the spliff (Uh-huh)
White folks at the show saying nig-ga
Can't tell if they said the E-R
If they do fuck around, see the ER
Hit him with the quick right like a de-tour
Crack her with the wood, I'm Jeter
Bitch wanna bone, femur
Pussy balance baby I'm a Libra
Pussy balance baby I'm a Libra
I'm at the door waitin' on a pack to come
Been on the run, feelin' like I'm Jackie Chan (Uh)
Foot on the road, my life a circus home (Yeah)
Made my phone ring-a-ling for the ding-a-ling (Brr)
I'm goin' off that reisling, hit it easily
She jumped on the wood, got more wood than jenga
Seen her nigga, well that don't make me no difference
(It don't make me no motherfuckin' different)

Change my damn mind a whole lot
Nigga got 'fro on locks, prolly get locks, wanna chop
Prolly let him live, prolly not
Close range aim, take a shot, kush stank, hunnid socks
Smoke me a blunt and forget, I fucked your old lady

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
She Already Decided, nigga
Smi-err, Smi-err
Smi-err, Smi-eer, eer