"My Nerves, Your Everyday Tool" lyrics - SOILWORK

"My Nerves, Your Everyday Tool"

Where do you go when you've given it all
And your mind declares a collapse
You've turned every page in an infected book
And wasted every good advice

How long
Does it take for you to realize your limitations?
How strong
Will I come off if I tell you to kiss your shield goodbye?

Time is nothing, presence is all
You're here for something, make the call
There is a truth that only you can retrieve
Stop draining yourself
And be the one to ignite

Play the victim one more time
You've unlocked yourself
But won't see the line
Shutting yourself down every time
Bury yourself till the end of time

These words are mine
(There's nobody else who can...)
They will consume you dry

To the core

Last time hereinafter
Last time, I will go alone, I will
Spare the pain, a life disaster
Never live through a distant soul
My nerves, your everyday tool
I won't serve 'cause I broke no rules
Last time hereinafter
Last time, I will go alone

All I hear is just a silent scream
Of true desperation
Let me break it to you
You won't make it through

Do you see where it's going?
All you left behind
The universe is turning
Every minute last forever
A conspiracy with time
Though I feel I've been learning to strive

[Solo: Coudret]



I will never deceive myself