"These Absent Eyes" lyrics - SOILWORK

"These Absent Eyes"
(David Andersson)

Bloodstained velvet, mercury traced
I saw the shadow of death on your face
Your gaze wandered off into the stars
I realized how fragile we are

There was a time when the world was ours
But when you're blessed, you're not counting the hours
I should've known that the end was near
But I was busy ignoring my fears

In search for
Something brighter than the sun
All the things I've earned will be no more
I'm passive aggressive, prepared to attack
I've seen the world but run a constant lack
These absent eyes will be disguised
As soon as we'll be strong enough to decide

Black like silver, baptized by rain
You were a stranger 'til I shared your pain
This love won't been touched by the light
Still it came alive when innocence died

You sensed my yearning, I felt your desire
You made me a saint and I made you a liar
I gave you my weakness
You gave me your strength
The guilt of my longing is all that remains


Bloodstained velvet, mercury traced
Black like silver, baptized by rain