"Our Last Show" lyrics - SONNY AND CHER

"Our Last Show"

I can hear the people yell
They just announced our names
I see the stage lights turned down low
I hear the music start to play
And we are standing in the wings
This time we are not holding hands
We start to walk out on the stage
We're facing twenty thousand fans
You smile at me but it's not the same
And our eyes meet but I feel a strain
I look straight ahead and the people wave
Oh Lord, my God, I gotta be brave

Cause they didn't know, they didn't know
We were doing our last show
Singing fast and singing slow
Ah telling jokes like we did before
And my, oh my, we were giving are best try
No one knew but her and I
We already said good-bye

You done your songs and I did mine
It's getting close to ending time
It won't be long until we say good night
And maybe then I'll be all right
We said good-bye and the people yelled
I'd take my bows but I feel like hell
We walked off the stage
And the show went fine
You went your way and I went mine