"When You Say Love" lyrics - SONNY AND CHER

"When You Say Love"

(When you say love)
You're telling every one
You're moment's come
And you've found what
You've been looking for
(When you say love)
You said the only word
That tells the world
You never will be lonely anymore
You got a pretty rainbow all your own
And at last you found your pot of gold
You're completely satisfy
A feeling of contentment feels your soul

(When you say love)
It means you found you're special one
And that you care enough
To give your very best
(When you say love)
There's not another word
That says so much
Cause that four letter word
Means happiness

Your heart is given wings to touch the sky
Higher than an eagle dares to fly
If you took every thing you've heard
And try to make a magic word
You'll find you said it all
When you say love

[Repeat last 2 verses]