""Mr. Bergman, How Are You?"" lyrics - SPARKS

""Mr. Bergman, How Are You?""

[The Studio Chief]:
Mr. Bergman, let me welcome you to Hollywood and to
Hollywood American Studio
Svenson will translate for us and I hope not add any zeros in the process!

Mr. Bergman, how are you?
Herr Bergman, hur star det till?
Something we can get for you?
Kan vi bjuda er pa nagot?
Some Ramlosa, like some ice?
Lite Ramlosa, onskas is?
My name's Gerald Geoffrey Weiss
Jag heter Gerald Geoffrey Weiss

To your right is Mr. Brown
Har till hoger har vi mr Brown
Mr. Clay, and Mrs. Down
Mr Clay och mrs Down
I know you know English, true
Jag vet att ni kan engelska
Svensson har tolkar anda
Allt till svenska for er skull
Svensson, though, will translate, too
Into Swedish, just for you
Into Swedish, just for you

Mr. Bergman, we're not hicks
Herr Bergman, vi ar inga bonder
But we must deliver kicks
Men vi maste skapa underhallning
Still there is some middle ground
Men det finns forhandlingsman
Hollywood can be your town
We will never let you down

Let me cut right to the chase
Lat mig ga rakt pa sak
We need you to help erase
Vi behover er hjalp att sudda ut
Image problems, self-imposed
Sjalvforvallade imageproblem
Art and commerce, never close
You can bring us both of those

Works of art can also work
Ett konstverk kan ga hem
For some Midwest creepy jerk
Hoes idioterna pa landet
In return we'll pay your way
I gengald betalar vi vad vad det kostar
Make the film in your own way
All the way you'll have your say

Monika, now that was great
Monika var fantastisk
Summer Interlude, so great
Sommarlek likasa
Were you just a bit surprised
Blev ni inte lite forvanad
Cannes gave you that special prize
Get dear Ingmar some more ice

Smiles of A Summer Night
Sommarnattens leende
Hope I got the title right
Hoppas jag fick titeln ratt
Why not take a quantum leap
Det ar dags att ta nasta steg
You still haven't hit your peak
We can help you reach your peak

Think it over, overnight
Sov pa saken
Do what you think's really right
Gor det ni tror ar det ratta
You help us and we help you
Hjalp oss och vi hjalper er
More Ramlosa, well adieu
Well adieu
Har Ramlosa. Tack, adjo