"Cold Couch" lyrics - SPILLAGE VILLAGE

"Cold Couch"
feat. Earthgang, Hollywood Jb & Jid

[Doctur Dot:]
There's puddles everywhere, I guess it must have rained last night
See I'm a pain in the behind because I'm the brain-dead type
But my brother Venus yeah, he like one of those Rainman types
Calculate the moolah quick and do a lame high-five
See my medulla full of gouda, It's the cheese inside
She was a vegan till I slide salami inside
Mee ohh my he said, but he sing so high
The only N**** who can cry and pop beans all night
And as the king spit his blood into the sink
He blinked twice, start to cough, had a thought
What if all the subjects got tired of the fuck shit?
Got tired of the royalty only fucking their cousins
Dilapidated towers, the empire is crumbling
The fall of old regimes, feed the hunger to the young one
Ooh, I think he's on to something
Instead of blowing money how bout we try owning something
'Cause I ain't balling, don't need to be
My hunger is feeding me
She doubled them keepers because she struggled with keeping me
And somewhere long the line I guess I lost all my decency
And the genius ribcage, that's the place where the demons sleep
L ala la finally