"Half Empty" lyrics - SPILLAGE VILLAGE

"Half Empty"
feat. Jurdan Bryant

I'm trying to think, um
Yo yo
Yo yo yo yo yo
Uh, yo

Niggas start sipping and get that false hope
Stuck in this room like I'm a lost soul
I thought I told y'all
Now I'mma have to bogart your position and
You may hear me but y'all not listening
The light brown Christ
It might sound like
Two angels doing a duet
Alleia and Whitney beside me like a two-step
Not to get beside myself but God might help
With the funeral arrangements
[?] I got the belt
Fuck all that struggle rap
A hundred dollar checks homie
I don't want none of that
Pile it outside, damn
Fuck is the Hummer at?
Niggas getting spoonfed
I'm here to bring the hunger back
This that dungeon rap
I'm 20 now, where I'll be by 21?
Statistics say in front of a gun
They got my dawg
Not make it a hundred and one niggas out the streets
Where the fuck is peace?
We stuck like leeches
Somehow the preachers
Never teach us or reach us
How can I get so high and still keep my ear to the streets?
Local beef ain't on my radar
I let you beat and play God
Heard Satan don't stay far
I'll take your money and play Adolf
Niggas gunning down the game but the safety on
And I be on the same streets that they say they on
These niggas clearer than Avion water
And I hope the levy break, shit
'Cause I can't take they shit
On top like the day they did
Me and the village wild like the baybay kids
Hope they take the blade and go against they wrists
Let me take you back to stable ground now
I understand we can call this a graceful bow out
And I'm faded off some shot of brown now
Feeling out of town now
Faded like I'm chasing chasers
Or pink erasers
Or being chased by the Undertaker
Faded like a night in Vegas
That's an understatement
Faded like I'm from Jamaica
On a hundred acres