"Afterthoughts" lyrics - SPOCK'S BEARD


Voices ringing out
Voices all about...

They don't think I thought this out
And they all think I should just fall in line
But that's my plan to make them doubt
Keep my intentions cryptic by design
My ear pressed up against the wall
The footsteps coming down the hall
Is one more dosage all that I can take?
The implants underneath my skin
The altered state they keep me in
But they can't win if I just stay awake

To keep them out I keep me in
'Cause they don't get to hear the things I know
While bats up in this belfry fly
In circles 'cause they don't know where to go
Took me here and stripped me bare
Gave me this lovely robe to wear
And Tuesdays we get Jello if we're good
The doctor he seems dense to me
His questions make no sense
'Cause he misunderstands I'm just misunderstood

Voices ringing all about
Thoughts they scream don't let them out

Thoughts they're screaming out
Voices ringing all about
Thoughts they're screaming out
Voices they are finally coming down
The voices like to scream and shout
I think my thoughts are finally coming down

They all say I'm crazy, I say 'ha'
Just like a fox but with dementia
By the way, on third thought,
You shouldn't open up that box that I sent ya
The hatter tips his hat to me
I'm madder than he'll ever be
At least that's what they'd like me to believe
A sedative won't settle me
It's all one big conspiracy
The message I begrudgingly receive