"I Know Your Secret" lyrics - SPOCK'S BEARD

"I Know Your Secret"

Roaming with the rats
Worth more dead than alive
Hiding from a hundred guns
Running to survive
You wonder when the bullets will finally come

Tracking every step
I followed you for days
Slowly slipped inside your head
Can't you place my face?
I'm one of the many you left for dead

I know the secret that you keep
I know the demon deep inside
I know the reason you can't sleep
I know the past you'd like to hide
I know the monster you have made
I know the wars you don't regret
I know the blood that stains the blade
You know I won't let you forget

Some would call it justice
Some call it cold revenge
You can call it what you choose
Go ahead pretend
Defend your life it's all you've left to lose

Remember times were good
Remember life was grand
Funny how the future
Didn't turn out like you had it planned
The costs were high
Talk was cheap
Promises to God that we all knew
That you could never keep
You knocked me down
But now I'm back up on my feet again
You'd look right through me
If I passed you on the street my friend
Here at the end it won't depend on who you know
Surprise is on my side
Ready, aim, it's time you go