"Hereafter" lyrics - SPOCK'S BEARD


Pray for her
Grace in mourning light
Bathed in shades of white
Gentle Earth open to receive
We believe she is home
None are left alone
Whispered words and sacred songs
Summon days we belonged together as we
Knelt and nursed our hopes
Then rose and watched the heavens run
In awe and wonder
Time has come we know she cannot stay
Pray for her
Pray for her

Pray for her
Story just begun
Warm in golden sun
Days stretch out flowing to the skies
In our eyes we were whole
Something in her soul
Cleared the fog of endless hours
Days bloomed as flowers all around us while the
Truth she hoped to hide
Inside and sheltered in her heart
A life had started
Still one soul departed
Part of us
We'll go on but how I can not say
Pray for her
Pray for her