"Rearranged" lyrics - SPOCK'S BEARD


I have never been in this
For all the fortune and fame
All I ever wanted
Was to be in the game

A part of something bigger
Something bigger then me
Inspired from love of the moment
And being what I was born to be

Sometime a dream gets wasted
Sometimes it all just falls and fades away
And you may feel you've made it
Then in a flash it all get rearranged

Deaf dumb and stupid
Or am I just plain nice
Live and let live was a mantra I used
More then once or twice

Thought I had it all going on
Thought I was cruising in 5th gear
In a snap it all went out of control

Everything that was so normal now seemed
So confusing and weird
Now the live and let live
That was so safe in my heart
Didn't feel that sincere
Giving all that I had
Doing right I believed
I'll just go cry in my beer
I blinked my eyes and I had a new life
This much is clear

And what were my choices
Just go it alone
That's not what the script read
Stay in the zone
It's just getting started
About to explode
And when you've reached the top
Don't forget where you came from