"Merchants Of Soul" lyrics - SPOON

"Merchants Of Soul"
(Britt Daniel)

I was a heartbeat on the danger side
Just had to see what it all was like
Put your nose in that oh yeah
Although you try to sidestep
Merchant of soul don't let

Hey what you doing on the danger side
Yes you're looking for us we know that's right
That way you move it's all an act
So get in
We know you wanna give in
And of course we'll fix you up exact
We'll mail you back

Mixed up and lonely on the danger side
Ralph Reed was driving
Said he wants to go all night
I made him wait, took my time to decide
And bent the desire to get wise
The fiends are fiendin' outside
Merchants of soul so unkind
Merchants of soul they don't mind
They'll take your soul I need mine
I need mine, I need mine
Need mine, need mine