"The Infinite Pet" lyrics - SPOON

"The Infinite Pet"
(Britt Daniel)

Hung up and bent on a stranger
Just trying to swing a full-time ride
I never knew the cold hand of danger
Till I met this one and took it inside

Now I can't get near it
Don't want to hear it
My cover's blown
I walked in the rain like a drone
All the way to Marquette
The infinite pet

I got something to tell you
Far outside the black and the white
Aw I got something I want to tell you
But who will receive it tonight
When I got up I cut my neckrug off
Resigned my name to the ranks of the blamed and the scoffed
Cursing the day I met
The infinite pet
Comes when you pirouette


I sat back I put my neckshirt on
Resigned myself to the fate of the failed and the conned
Just like the day I met

The infinite pet
Cheaper than all your threats
Comes when you pirouette
How'd you pay back that debt
The infinite pet
The infinite