"Only 15" lyrics - SQUEEZE

"Only 15"

I was supposed to be in by half past ten
I was invited to a party with a couple of friends
All their ideas seemed so good at the time
But now they seem to have been just not right

The cheap warm drinks had begun to flow
The curtains were pulled and the lights were low
The girls in the corner seemed happy enough
I looked around the room and I was falling in love

The stereo tapes played on into the night
I was so nervous that I wanted to hide
I knew I should have and made some excuse
But the girl I was chatting wouldn't let me loose

You're only 15
You must be in by 9
Nobody agrees with having a good time

You're only 15 you've got to get up for school
And there is no answer for breaking rules
Just one more drink and I was now lost
And the room was spinning around and across

The music got softer I was in another room
With my jeans on the headboard
And my eyes on the moon

I couldn't say no to whatever she said
I woke in the morning to an empty bed
I climbed across bodies marooned on the floor
I put on my jacket and opened the door

When I got home I crept up the stairs
My mother was waiting she questioned me there
I must have seemed hopeless with my white lies
But she said she believed me and that it was alright