"Snap, Crackle And Pop" lyrics - SQUEEZE

"Snap, Crackle And Pop"

In a duffle coat
By the garden fence
In a picture with his mum
He shields the bright sun
From his tired face
He winds the film on
With his finger
To the last one on the roll
There's a moment
When he sees her
Standing by the washing line
God willing I will love this day
I've been giving my past away
Now I'm living with the best of me
And a picture of what used to be
Going for a bite
In the local cafe
Dreaming of the future
Unsure of what it held for me
Hopping off of school
To sit around and write
While my parents went to work
Didn't fancy that
I was learning
While they didn't notice me
The route master and the driver
Pass the news stand on the corner
Selling the Standard and the News
It's a memory I won't lose
In the morning
I would wake up
The guitar beside my bed
Untouched since I fell asleep
Spinning round and round
Every single sound
Getting to the core of me
Staying with me to this day
There's nothing that I would change