"Criminal" lyrics - STEELER


Hot, the skin burns like fire
But inside you're cold as ice
Wild desire's in my brain
Drives me insane

You, you took me under fire
The moment you were waiting for
Unprotected was my heart
You knew from the start

[Chorus 1:]
What seems to be
A body is just... a tool of seduction
She gives it for free (free, free)
And then makes the kill, you're a...

[Chorus 2:]
Criminal - Criminal
Criminal - A killer of love

All... things I have to face now
I see through your disguise
Ooh, but you can read my mind... anytime

[Chorus 1 and 2]

[Chorus 3:]
Criminal - Criminal
Criminal - You've stolen my mind

You've stolen my mind, you're a...

[Chorus 2 and 3]

A killer of love