"Shadow In The Redlight" lyrics - STEELER

"Shadow In The Redlight"

She left the people that were friends
Wanted to leave it all behind
The little girl just walked... away
Thrills of living fast and wild
Pleasure she was out to find
On the loose, nowhere to stay

[Chorus 1:]
Didn't know one day it all comes back, can't escape
And so she had to - pay

[Chorus 2:]
A shadow in the redlight (redlight)
Passion out of sight
A shadow in the redlight (redlight)
That's all what's left
A shadow in the redlight (redlight)
Once out for kicks, now out to excite
A shadow in the redlight (redlight)
Her road didn't lead... straight away

So now the cold wind's blowin' down
A body dressed in lace
Enslaved a thousand miles from home
Reality's no paradise
Just promises and pain
A money lover, all alone, all alone

[Chorus 1 and 2]

[Chorus 2 - 2x]

A shadow in the redlight!