"The Brown Girl" lyrics - STEELEYE SPAN

"The Brown Girl"

I'm as brown as brown can be,
My eyes are black as sloe,
I'm as brick as a night-time nightingale
As wild as the forest doe.

My love was high and proud,
A fortune by his side,
But a fairer maiden than ever I'll be He took to his bride.

He sent me a letter of love,
He sent it from the town,
He wrote to tell me his love was gone
Because I was so brown.

I sent back his letter of love,
And in anger I wrote down
Your love is wasted on such as me
Because I am so brown.

I'll dance upon your grave for twelve months and a day.
I'll do as much for you as any maiden may.
I'll make you rue the very day that you were born.
I'm a bonny brown girl.

I heard not another word more
Until six months passed by
A doctor said he had a broken heart
Without me he would die.

I went to his bedside
I walked and never ran
I laughed so loud and then louder still
All at this love-sick man.


'I prithee forget, said he,
'I prithee forget and forgive
Oh, grant me just a little space
That I may be well and live.


I'll dance upon your grave for twelve months and a day
For twelve months and a day.
You'll die for betraying a bonny brown girl
All on one summer's day.