"The Drunkard" lyrics - STEELEYE SPAN

"The Drunkard"

I will walk the streets up, I will walk the streets down
I will see the landlady dressed in a silk gown
With my elbows all out and my breeches without knees
You are the biggest vagabond that I ever did see.

Where I go so raggedy and you go so fine
It's of the good money you have took of mine
Ale and tobacco for you I have paid
If I ain't you'd have gone in your raggedy ways.

If I had a-listened to my old woman at the first
I might have had silver and gold in my purse
To maintain my wife and my children so small
But 'tis I, silly drunkard, have ruined them all.

I will cock up my hat as I had on before
And I'll go home to me wife and I'll love her no more
And the more I will beat her the more she will cry
And the more silly drunkard and blackguard am I.