"What's The Game" lyrics - STEPHEN STILLS

"What's The Game"

I was lost in a voyage at sea
I was waiting for you and me
To remember just how it was
So that we can sing together

When will you realize
I got one of your stronger
And I know we can work it
I know we can work it, work it out together

But look, hiding behind the walls
Closing doorways to the hall
Nothing ventured, nothing gained
What's your game

Just take a look at that blackened tree
It is not for the cause of me
But a stranger was passed there long
And he stepped right in between us

Picture of empty places
Eyes of reflecting faces
Now your fast emptiness
Now you can see what the fear does

You go hiding behind walls
We can tear away the wall
Change the shutters from the hall
Never voices as that are called

Then you're singing, that is all
And the reason for the game
Becomes clearly, quite a statement
That's what you get for playing your game