"You Can't Dance Alone" lyrics - STEPHEN STILLS

"You Can't Dance Alone"

Got a fire deep within me burning
I'd be a liar if I didn't tell you so
And you're a live wire sparklin' around me
And I couldn't tire havin' you around

Look at me, I am your tomorrow
Can't you see, you know how I know
I got a place in the morning we can borrow
And there ain't no haste, follow where I go

Time, time, time, only a few hours
Such a crime, got no telephone, no
S'getting late, movin' on downtown
Wait, wait, wait, you can't dance alone

Energy, our exhilaration
Come with me, silent relaxation
Let it be, let yourself alone a while
What you need, sunrise and a smile

Merely chance, bringin' us together
Real romance, let's go be alone right now
Coincidence, I might be your lover
Dance, dance, dance, you can't dance alone