"Brody's" lyrics - STEVE LUKATHER

(Randy Goodrum / Steve Lukather)

Tryin' to reinvent myself in a fucked up world
Watching CNN doing 12 once curls
I said yeah
The antichrist is screaming from the wide screen
He's living in a mansion near the hollywood sign

Another right wing cat getting busted for blow
He's cheating on his lady with Tiger Woods' ho
I said yeah
He's lying to the people with a straight face
Tripping up the truth every step he takes


What about the age of peace and love we tried
Text me with the reason why it had to die

I can hear the raor and rage
On my facebook page
From my back booth at Brody's

A chick's walking by she's had a nip and tuck
Got a tattoo on her ass and she says you wanna...
I said yeah

Trying to fight a war that we can't win
Trying to pass the blame
With a Glen Beck spin