"Can't Look Back" lyrics - STEVE LUKATHER

"Can't Look Back"
(Steve Lukather / C.J. Vanston)

I'm holding on to the dreams I had when I was young,
I guess I never saw that things were wrong,
The game has changed
And where once was fact ain't where it's at,
I never really felt like I belonged

I was thinking how we might have been
If things had stayed the same
Nothing would've made me more confused than that
And I gotta get back on my feet

I'm driving down the road about to lose my mind
Gotta keep movin' and I can't look back
The past is the past and the future is so unsure
Well there's a blue sky coming now I'm feeling better
The black skies are gone, but never say never
Oh, oh, yeah.
You know you can't look back

I turned and reached for things I know I should not never do
Those painful choices turned my life into a laughing fool
Gotta grab the chance I have to turn it all around
So much to live for nothing left to lose
I gotta, myself

[Chorus 2x]