"Judgement Day" lyrics - STEVE LUKATHER

"Judgement Day"
(Steve Lukather / C.J. Vanston)

Two A.M. it's e again
My mind is racing faster
Than the speed of light
The Sands Of Time. My human crimes
The time I spend reflecting
All the wrongs in life
Take another look inside
Those teeny cobalt eyes
It finally hits. You're full of shit
Your tiny fingers dancing
On your keys og hate
The tables run. What have you learned
Hope you're feelin' better
In your altered state
We can read the lies you write
For all the world to see
The reflection in the mirror
Shows it's you. But you blame me
Jump back. Turn around
You realize you're running
From your history
Ten days. A million years
It doesn't really matter
To me anyway
Push shove
Blame the world
Jump the ship
Ya can't run far enough away
The sky turnes from blue into grey
It's Judgment Day
Five A.M. It's you again
Forgetting that the words you wrote
Have crossed the world
You wipe your eyes and shake your head
The only thing that matters
Is the hate you hurled
You should take the time
To realize the pain inside
Take a look at your life
Instead of trying to tear at mine

The sky turn to grey
It's Judgment Day