"Once Again" lyrics - STEVE LUKATHER

"Once Again"
(Steve Lukather / C.J. Vanston)

Just another day, just another moment
I really miss the touch of your hand
My broken heart it bleeds
So now I must concede
That it's over now
I don't understand, why we didn't make it
It seemed so right so many years ago
My empty soul it cries
No matter how hard to try
I gotta let it go
When I look in your eyes
I can see the memories
I remember the times, we had
The laughter and the history
I just lost my dearest friend..
And I'm alone Once Again
The years they pass so fast
I can't catch my breath
I wake up every day
You're still not there
I think about the past
And why it didn't last
And the love we shared..