"In Your Prime" lyrics - STEVE WYNN

"In Your Prime"

If the dreaming keeps you up
I'll try to turn it down a notch
Just a reflex, just a joke
Just a way to keep it primed
If you want to take a break
Or maybe slow it down a while
I can only wish you all the luck
And all the time

You look so beautiful
You look so radiant
You look resplendent
In your element and in your prime
Oh you look so dangerous
So obvious and so elusive
Like a falling comet
In your prime

I don't want to bring you down
So let me reinvent myself
Everything that rises
Must resolve
Open up that almanac
And point a finger to your favorite page
Cut to black, a hazy green

Think of all the flesh that feeds the worms that feed the dust that feeds the earth that rises up to strike us up down with its cool resolve again and again and again

If you want another cup
Well, let me crack the seal and bring it to your lips
I love to see the candle fade away
If you want to raise a fuss
Well, I'm the audience you want
It's so hard to make it today