"Happy Returns" lyrics - STEVEN WILSON

"Happy Returns"

Hey Brother
Happy returns, it's been a while now. I bet you
Thought that I was dead, but I'm still here,
Nothing's changed.

Hey brother, I'd love to tell you I've been busy
But that would be a lie, cos the truth is the
Years just pass like trains, I wave but they
Don't slow down.

Hey brother, I see the freaks and dispossessed
On day release avoiding the police. I feel I'm
Falling once again but now there's no one left
To catch me.

Hey brother, I feel I'm living in parentheses and
I've got trouble with the bills. Do the kids remember me?
Well I got gifts for them and for you much sorrow,
But I'm feeling kind of drowsy now, so I'll
Finish this tomorrow...