"Cry No More" lyrics - STRAWBS

"Cry No More"

Never mind the rain, never mind the weather
Take a little time when you lose your grip
Never mind the pain, treat it as a warning
Never mind the truth when it cuts your lip.

Cry no more for me
I'll cry no more for you
I'll cry no more for you.

Never is a word I never wanted spoken
Never is a kiss with your mouth closed tight
Never is a dream of never ending pleasure
Never is defeat in the darkest night.

The night closed down with the passion of a thousand years
Far out in open space
A mirror shades the likeness of your pretty face
Drowning in my tears.

Never break a vow that's never yet been broken
Never cross your heart when it's all in vain
Never trust a girl who takes it all for granted
Never mind the rain when it's pouring down